• Estaminet - Pils (BE) 3,5/6,8

    Smooth en subtile Belgium premium lager
    Pils 5,2% 0,25l/0,5l

  • La Trappe - Blond (NL) 4,8

    Golden blond, lightly sweet and easy to drink. Brewed by the only Dutch trappist brewer.
    Blond 6,5% 0,25l

  • Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck - Filou (BE) 5,8

    A strong blond Belgian friend to all. The Czech and Belgian hops that are used in the brewing process give this beer a slightly fruity touch and light hoppy bitterness.
    Strong blond 8,5% 0,3l

  • Weihenstephaner - Hefeweizen (D) 5,2/7,6

    Fresh and fruity full bodied beer. With notes of banana and cloves. This beer is known as the mother of hefeweizen beers.
    Hefeweizen 5,4% 0,3l/0,5l

  • 't Uiltje - Bird of Prey (NL) 5,5

    Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? IT IS…… THE BIRD OF PREY! OMG! What a phenomenon! A supernatural IPA chock-full of citra, chinook and mosaic hops. Always fresh, and always super hoppy.
    IPA 5,8% 0,25l

  • Kompaan - Levensgenieter (NL) 5,5

    The beer Kompaan was born to brew: Good times and good vibes The Levensgenieter. A no hassle crisp New England IPA with attitude. Drink this one at your barbecue, at the bar, during your date, during Holland-Germany, at the beach, on Saturday night, on Sunday afternoon, but most of all how we like to envision: with each other. Cheers!
    NEIPA 4,5% 0,25l

  • Bacchus - Frambozen (BE) 5,8

    A Belgian classic. The base for this fruity beer is the Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin. Carefully selected raspberries soaked in fresh, sour beer. Perfect for these sunny days in the garden.
    Raspberry beer 5,0% 0,3l

  • Nevel - Erve (NL) 5,8

    Bitter, dry and rustic beer made from local produced cascade hops.This beer has a fruity and bitter character.
    Brett IPA 6,5% 0,3l

  • Brouwerij Frontaal - Double Juice Punch (NL) 5,8

    The big brother of Frontaals Juice Punch. The Double Juice Punch is heavier and stronger. The same hops and malts are used for the Double Juice Punch as for the regular Juice Punch: Citra, Sabro and Mosaic. Citra gives the beer notes of citrus, and Sabro provides notes of coconut and pineapple. Finally, in combination with Citra, Mosaic gives the beer an enormous amount of tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and passion fruit. The result is a dangerously tasty drink, suitable for any time of the year. Double NEIPA 8,5% 0,3l

  • Brouwerij Noordt - Experience No. 18 Plum E.S.B. (NL) 5,8

    Soft beer with a nice bitterness and fruity flavors of plum
    Extra special bitter 7% 0,3l


  • Magners Cider 4,8

    Fresh and fruity Irish apple cider
    Cider 4,5%