• 't Uiltje - Bird of prey 5

    Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? IT IS…… THE BIRD OF PREY! OMG! What a phenomenon! A supernatural IPA chock-full of citra, chinook and mosaic hops. Always fresh, and always super hoppy.
    IPA 5,8%

  • Oersoep - Hopfather 5,5

    A fruity hop explosion. This beer is brewed with Mosaic, Somcoe and Cascade hops. This gives the beer fresh aromas of orange, mango and lychee.
    NEIPA 6,4%

  • Kompaan - Levensgenieter 5,5

    The beer Kompaan was born to brew: Good times and good vibes The Levensgenieter. A no hassle crisp New England IPA with attitude. Drink this one at your barbecue, at the bar, during your date, during Holland-Germany, at the beach, on Saturday night, on Sunday afternoon, but most of all how we like to envision: with each other. Cheers!
    NEIPA 4,5%%

  • Nevel - Twijg 5,5

    Refreshing beer with high bitterness and aromas of citrus and vervain. The malt of this beer is from wine and grain farmer Bram van Klundert from Hoevelaken (NL).
    Wild ale 5%

  • La Trappe - Bock 4,8

    The only Trappist bock ale in the world. Chestnut-coloured with a yellowish head. A unique seasonal ale with a dry, smoked and herbal flavour and a vigorous bitterness, which fuses amazingly with the under tone of liquorice.
    Bock 7%

  • Baxbier - Koudvuur 5,5

    Where there's smoke, there's fire! This Porter gets its smoky character from the use of smoked and roasted malts.
    Porter 6,2%

Wissel blik/fles

  • Magners Cider 4,2

    Fresh and fruity Irish apple cider
    Cider 4,5%

  • De Molen Bar&Framboos 6,5

    Kettle sour with fresh and sour flavors and a light sweetness
    Kettle sour 7,5%

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